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Graduates from physics department of Science and Letters faculty of İzmir university of Economics after 4 year of undergraduate work are tıtled Physicist and can work in different areas of interest:

  • students in science usually prefers acedemic career. Those students may continue in their studies for master and doctorate degree in Science and Technology institues if they satisfy the entry conditions. During this time they can be employed as research assistants here while dattending master and doctarate in other universities as well.
  • Abroad doctorate and upper licence work is an option using MEB and YOK scholarship.
  • Goverment adencies like Turkish atomic agency,(TAEK) Turkish science foundations (TUBİTAK), Goverment statistics institute, turkish telecom, Aselsan,Roketsan, Turkish standart institute etc are the places to work as an officer or researcher.
  • They can work radiology depertments in hospitals (after medical physics graduate work) , Quality assurance labs, computer companies, technical device marketing depertmants, electronic and industry companies and banks
  • After taking work security education they can work as work security expert.

Above cases matches the situation in USA.   İn USA about 7500 student are gruated each year acording to a study made by American institute of Physics. Moreover in this study 95% of the ratuate starts a job after 1 year of graduation.  Over all graduates, 33% of graduates registers in post graduatestudies in physics area and 21% in engineering and social studies area .